Have I Been Rhizomed?

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It has been a wild day so far.

I started the day getting started with the new Rhizo15 course. Per Dave’s suggestion, I dove into the Facebook Group and the Twitter Conversation. All of this led me to two great blog posts. One was by Laura Pasquini. Laura’s post led me to Socioviz (which just happens to connect with my research on learning networks) and the work of Nathan Brubaker on grading contracts. The other by Worried Teacher, led me to explore emergent outcomes.

Along the way, I read some more posts and more tweets, and then decided I needed a place to write, to participate. I used to blog a good deal, but got away from it. I discovered my old blog has been hacked, and so here I am.

I have been in the middle of redesigning our Ed Tech Program, and thought I was nearly done. But now, I am totally not sure anymore. I keep telling myself, it’s not innovative enough. It doesn’t address the real possibilities of technology in education. Like the rhizome. So, I have decided to spend the six weeks of this course reimagining these programs and courses. I will share more as I make my way through them.

And now I expect to head down the rabbit hole of tweaking this new WordPress blog.

So, does this mean, I have been rhizomed?