Reflecting on Teaching CT/CS to Grad Students

I am in the midst of teaching a class on using technology in education with some really terrific and interesting graduate students. Last night, we began our exploration of Computational Thinking and Computer Science. Most of the students reported themselves as novices in both areas, and so I planned to do an introduction using one of my favorite platforms, TurtleBlocks. TurtleBlocks in a successor to LOGO, one of the first coding tools designed for children. It allows users to create ...
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Technology and Relationships

iron lung
I found myself really fascinated by this article about the development of respiratory ventilators. It does a really good job in walking the reader through the history of the development of medical apparatuses to support breathing. Two things really stuck out for me. The first is that the first major hurdle in developing these types of devices was a conceptual one -- and not a technological one. In order to help patients breathe, we needed to understand how breathing works. The lungs r...
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