A new blog at last

For some time, I have been moved and inspired by the work of others who have been doing their research in public, via their blogs.

Here is a partial list: Jon Dron, Stephen Downes, Audrey Watters, Mike Caulfield, Thomas Liam Lynch, and Laura Pasquini. Their blogs are places to think about and participate with big ideas. Especially those big ideas about learning and education. Their work has been relevant, immediate, and provocative -- it has made my thinking better about the things most important to me.

And so now it's my turn. I have been wrestling with the dilemma described by the research demands of a tenure track faculty member on the one hand and the need to communicate more directly with others on the other. After thinking for a long time about this no solution presented itself. Except for thinking about loud with others. Hence this blog.

I will continue working to research how to develop learning settings that promote, foster, and promote self-directed learning. But as I do that, I will also be writing -- and thinking -- here.

cover image by MEDIACRAT. Reused under CC BY-SA 3.0